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Puppy Training in Lock Down 3 2021

 Have you decided to take advantage of the extra time at home to add the pitter patter of tiny puppy feet to your life.  

When you take home your puppy, it is quite frankly, often a shock to the system, sleepless nights, crying, teething, biting and pee and poop everywhere (for anyone that’s yet to get their puppy, yep we are still talking dogs not newborns babies lol) And now you need HELP where is open, so where can you get help, trainers can’t visit your home, puppy socialisation classes are cancelled!!

Well, thankfully like most industries, dog trainers are going digital too.  I know, you want the trainer in your home, the helping hand in front of you and what about the all important puppy socialisation.... 

Like most dog trainers, I’ve moved my business online, it has been such a success, I’ve decided it’s going to be a permanent feature.  Let me explain the benefits and why I love online teaching and why you should embrace it too.

1. Safety

Of course even after the level 5 lockdown, Covid 19 is still going to be around for a while and the less contacts we all have, the better for everyone, including our hospital system.  I have worn a face mask during all training consult for months now and ask my clients to wear one too, so an extra bonus of online dog training - no masks YAY! 

2. Empowerment 

The new guardian of the puppy, learns to do all the training themselves, right from the start (with me guiding them from my office over zoom).  It is very tempting as an experienced Dog Trainer to jump in quickly and guide the session but on my zoom dog training sessions the owners learn right from the start that YES they can do it all (with a little few distant pointers of course!).  It means I’ve been getting a lot less invitations to move in with people though 😂 

3. Costs 

The building, hall or equestrian centre hire costs are HUGE and can very difficult to find too, not to mention insurance.  In real life classes you need an assistant to help safely manage a large groups of dogs together.  I have started to run small group online training classes for a mere fraction of what they cost to run from a venue with hire, insurance and assistant wages.  And I pass that saving on to my families I work with, But the classes are still run in the same way.  The exercises are demonstrated with a demo dog and then everyone practices the new exercise, I go one by one on their video screen and offer constructive criticism and tips to improve their technique and help the dogs and humans learn. Which means you can either save money on class costs and petrol, tolls driving to class not to mention your time.  You could get THREE group online classes for the price of one regular class.  I have also discounted my private 1-2-1 puppy and dog training  consults because I am saving time and travel costs.  I pass that on to my customers. 

4. Weather!

As someone that takes outdoor classes myself , classes are often held in public parks and outdoor venues. I’ve been much happier being able to listen from the comfort of my home, than struggle to hear the instructions over the Irish wind and rain. 

5. Distance is no object! 

I’ve had dog training sessions with people in West Cork to Donegal and everywhere in between, it’s opened up a world of choice. 

6. Zoom sessions are recorded

Why is that a benefit? Well no arguments about ‘what Laura said’ just go back and replay it and hear exactly what Laura said.  If anyone can’t make it, they can watch it back or parents can invite children to take part after they have gotten to grips with the puppy training themselves. 

7. Socialisation 

We have learned a lot over the last decade and a big gang of puppies playing together in an empty room is not always the best way to socialise puppies.  Of course I’m still careful to make sure we work through a puppy socialisation check list. 

8. Presence 

My presence good or bad often affects the puppies behaviour.  Sometimes lots of time is wasted getting the puppy to settle before we can start or the opposite people say they NEVER act like this they are being SO good.  So online we don’t have my physical presence to contend with. 

Ok so if I’ve convinced you to at least try it, check out my puppy training page for all my one to one puppy training or my personal favourite is online dog training classes where you get the most value for money and up to date information or research a dog trainer that uses evidence and scientific based training (e.g. not someone that advocates choke chains, dominance and lead pops, the side effects are just not worth it and you and your puppy deserve more.)

If you are still unsure, why don’t you give me a call and can discuss any concerns on 0857317129. 

But most of all congratulations and enjoy your little pup.

Laura Jennings dipCABT, ICAN, Capbt 

Member of UK Training & Behaviour Charter 

Text, Whatsapp or call 0857317129

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